How much time do you spend chasing unpaid invoices each month?

Debtor Daddy is an invoice payment reminder tool that connects with Xero to send automated reminders before and after your invoices are due.

Debtor Daddy tracks when invoices are due and if payment has been made. Debtor Daddy automatically sends reminders to customers before an invoice is due.

It also sends automatic reminders when an invoice is overdue and if necessary, can escalate an unpaid invoice for further action if it remains unpaid.

Debtor Daddy automates the process of following up current and overdue invoices. The benefits are:


  • It’s automated. Debtor Daddy connects with Xero to know when invoices are due and which ones are overdue. Follow ups are automatically sent without the need for you to chase up.
  • Customised templates. You can customise your own follow up messages.
  • Create a safe list. Debtor Daddy allows you to identify contacts who no matter what , should not receive a reminder. You can prevent these contacts from receiving reminders.
  • Send reminders before the due date. Debtor Daddy tracks due dates to allow you to send reminders just BEFORE the due date to remind contacts payments are due.
Debtor Daddy is available for a 30-day trial and then available for $19 per month until April 30th 2014. Cornerstone can get you up and running on Debtor Daddy, just give us a call on (02) 9386 1427.