Don’t you hate having such a hot day working in the sun, and having to come back to deal with a bunch of paperwork?

We know that you work hard and long hours and don’t have the luxury of being able to do this all in aircon! We want to help! Bookkeeping is the opposite of your speciality – leave the books to us so you have more time to relax, have a beer, and not worry about a thing!

There are a lot of different solutions available in the marketplace – but which should you choose that will cater to your needs best? Here at Cornerstone we are experts in both Intuit QuickBooks and Xero which are both great tools!

What sounds most like your current situation?

I am willing to change from my manual process, but I want something simple and easy to use…

We’re all guilty of seeking reviews before trying something new. Hear directly from tradies that are already using Xero and what they love the most about it

I’m always on the go – I need something that is easily accessible

Our solutions are all cloud-based meaning that you can access them from your laptop and even your smart phone! You have access to your data in real-time at the click of a button!

I don’t even know the current way I manage all the reports – I don’t even know if I’m doing them correctly…

The reports in these cloud accounting systems are easy to understand as your accounts provide accurate, real-time information. You can access your balance sheet and profit and loss statements straight from the palm of your hand!

I currently don’t have any staff that I need to pay, what happens if I need to start paying people?

There won’t be any issues! These cloud accounting systems are payroll compatible! If you are only interested in a payroll solution, we also have this on offer available at!

I am constantly losing receipts and forgetting to pay my suppliers…

Never fear, for Receipt Bank is here! Receipt Bank is an add-on which we can add to your cloud accounting platform which allows for you to take a photo, or email direct a copy of your receipt or bill! No more losing receipts or trying to make out what those digits say under those coffee smudges!

I am always on the road, will this be able to make my invoicing needs easier?

With these cloud platforms, you have the power to raise invoices and quotes on the spot! No more hearing excuses from your customers that they didn’t receive the invoice as you can see when the customer has opened it up and how many times!

I work on multiple jobs, can I track these?

You definitely can! These systems can have tracking set-up based on inventory or by project and allow for you to pull the appropriate reports to present this information!


I just want to find out some more information about the ‘cloud’ – I need a better understanding

Here at Cornerstone we pride ourselves on being cloud experts! We can help set you up on a system even if it something as simple as managing your time better with projects, or being able to communicate with your team better. Just give us a call on (02) 9386 1427 to find out more!

You don’t even have to think – let the system do the thinking for you! Let your bookkeeping and core of your business be in one seamless system that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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Still unsure?

Call us today on (02) 9386 1427 and chat to one of our friendly staff who will be able to help you make an informed choice.