Are you ready for the long weekend?

There is no doubt that we all love a 4 day long weekend! These long breaks are a perfect time for people to spend time with loved ones, or just to take a mini-holiday. Running your own business you may feel that you don’t have the time to do this, but we are here to... read more

The Struggles of a Tradie

As a bookkeeper, we know that managing your books is the opposite of your speciality… From our experience, we have compiled three main cases of what are probably your biggest struggles within your industry… Invoicing is hard to do – I’m always on the road & I’m... read more

Commit Yourself

The 55/5 rule – one of the most important rules in our business. We spend 55% of the time identifying, analysing, and planning for the task at hand, and only 5% of the time actually doing the work! It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the large number of tasks we all... read more