Q. I’m not on Xero, can I still use your services?
ANSWER: Whilst we prefer to use Xero, we can work with all other accounting packages including MYOB and Saasu. We do prefer Xero however due to the many benefits it provides our clients.
Q. Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?
Answer: Outsourcing your bookkeeping gives you time to focus on other areas of your business. Most business owners don’t have the skills to manage their bookkeeping and are unaware of their obligations with compliance, reporting and contributions such as BAS, IAS, Payroll and Superannuation. Your bookkeeper will manage this for you.
Q. How much does bookkeeping cost?
Answer: The cost depends on the size of your business and what is required to manage your bookwork each month.  We have bookkeeping packages that will give you an idea of pricing.
Q. Why do I need bookkeeping?
Answer: Businesses of all sizes need to keep accurate financial records to ensure they meet their financial obligations. As businesses grow, this becomes even more important when making important business decisions.
Q. What size businesses can Cornerstone manage?
Answer: Cornerstone can handle the bookkeeping for sole traders right up to large corporates with over 50 employees. We have a large team  of experienced bookkeepers able to handle any sized business.
Q. What are Xero add-ons?
Answer: Add-ons are useful pieces of software that can be used with Xero to streamline various bookkeeping processes.

A good example is Receipt Bank. Receipt Bank is a third party service that allows you to record your expenses when and where they occur. You simple take a photo of your receipt using the Receipt Bank App on your smartphone and the receipt is then recorded and data transferred into your Xero account.

This takes away from the need for any data entry and manually collecting receipts and filling in expense claims.  A great time saver!

Q. Can't my accountant do my bookkeeping for me?
Answer: Some Accountants do provide bookkeeping services but will charge you a significantly higher hourly rate. In our experience, your Accountant would prefer to focus on providing you with higher end accounting advice. We work with several major accounting practices who refer their clients to us to manage their bookkeeping.
Q. Can't I just employ a data entry person to do my bookkeeping?
Answer: Some data entry staff are able to enter data but are limited to what they are qualified to do. Our bookkeepers are qualified and certified to be able to provide a complete service.