Ways We Can Help

As a business owner, regular bookkeeping is vital in order to have accurate data.

You have two choices:
a. Lose your week nights and weekends to burying yourself in paperwork
b. Outsource your bookkeeping so you can take that holiday you want!

Cornerstones help make your life easier by saving time and money! By using Xero, QBO, and other cloud add-ons we are able to provide the following services:





  • Recording of Expenses through cloud-apps to reduce clutter and misplacement of receipts!
  • Paying of bills
  • Reconciliation of bank and credit cards
  • Paying of employees including: managing leave entitlements, and easy employee access
  • Superannuation
  • Generation of sales invoices
  • Debtor chasing
  • Preparation of financial reports including: P&Ls and Balance Sheets
  • Cashflow reports and annual budgets
  • Payroll tax and other ATO requirements


Set-up from the beginning in the Cloud


  • This would be most suitable if you are still undergoing manual data-entry through programs like Microsoft Excel! Click here to find out more!


Convert Desktop to the Cloud



  • This would be most appropriate if you wish to move your current trading history from one accounting platform to another! Click here to find out more!


Add-Ons to make business Simpler



Only need an add-on set-up? Cornerstone are experts in the following add-ons and can assist:

  1. Receipt Bank
  2. E-way
  3. Debtor Daddy
  4. PayPal
  5. Deputy
  6. DEAR Inventory