Payroll Solutions

Keep Happy Employees is a critical part of business.  How will your customers be treated if your employees are unhappy?  There are a lot of elements to keeping a happy work environment, the first place to start is employee remuneration and superannuation information.  Much as they love you and the company, most people wouldn’t be at work if they weren’t being paid.

As a business owner you have many hats to wear. Time may not be your friend and you are probably surprised at how many hidden business costs you face.  The area of Payroll is no different.

There is so much you need to be aware of:

  • Employee Awards and how they impact your employees
  • Track time worked & Attendance
  • Employee Rostering
  • What Pay Conditions will your company adopt?
  • Who manages the Payroll when you are not there? (Automation)

You may also have to deal with situations in your business where you have different people on different pay cycles, be running multiple businesses, full/part-time and casual employees all on different awards and pay structures. Confused yet?

Now let’s talk about your holidays.  What? You haven’t been on one in a long time or you have had to work through the holidays for a few hours each day? Isn’t it time to find a better way?

The good news is that there is.  Payroll Automation.

According to Wikipedia “Payroll automation refers to the use of computers to produce pay checks and manage benefit payments for a company or community.”

Technology has evolved to such a point that you can now be anywhere with a mobile device and manage your payroll. We can now integrate it into your Accounting Software and give your employees access to log their information from where ever they are. Sound a lot easier? It really is.

Now you can manage all of the above at the touch of a button. Sound simple?

Every business is different and it is important to understand the unique business structures to work out the best Payroll Solutions for clients.

Cornerstone specialise in customised solutions to suit your unique business requirements.  We structure a solution to best fit your needs. We offer a range of different packages to suit most business environments and customise for those that need it. To find out more book in a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique business environment. Click here. 

But don’t take our word for it, check out what our other Clients have to say. Check out our Case Studies here.