As a bookkeeper, we know that managing your books is the opposite of your speciality…

From our experience, we have compiled three main cases of what are probably your biggest struggles within your industry…

Invoicing is hard to do – I’m always on the road & I’m too tired to do it when I have time

By managing your bookkeeping in the cloud, you have the power to raise invoices and quotes on the spot! No more hearing excuses from your customers that they didn’t receive the invoice as you can see when the customer has opened it up and how many times!

I constantly am buying new supplies but I always lose my receipts

Never fear, for Receipt Bank is here! Receipt Bank is an add-on which we can add to your cloud accounting platform which allows for you to take a photo, or email direct a copy of your receipt or bill! No more losing receipts or trying to make out what those digits say under those coffee smudges!

I always become frustrated when it comes to payroll…

By managing your payroll in the cloud, you have access to all of your employees’ data, and have the ability to approve and process their payroll from the palm of your hand! Keep track of your employees’ time and attendance at work through great add-ons like T-sheets which will allow you to have all your payroll data available in one location!

By outsourcing your bookkeeping to our business, we can guarantee that you will save, money and reduce your stress levels all at a reasonable cost.  So, leave the set-up, and on-going management of your books to us so you have more time to relax, have a beer, and not worry about a thing!

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